Success is relative…

It depends on how we perceive the above line. I think “success brings relatives” implying that relatives flock around a successful person.

A bit of background: My grandfather’s brother had a son (my cousin chacha ji) who lives in Mumbai with his family. According to family heirarchy he’s supposed to be my uncle though he’s never been in contact with us, nor has he ever cared about enquire about our well being (his nephews).

My elder brother completed his studies from IIT  Powai (Bombay) in 2003. He had stayed in IIT B hostel for 5 years (far away from Punjab and my dear uncle had never bothered to even call him once to enquire how he was doing). Now, being an IITian, you always get good job offers in the on-campus placements. My brother also got placed in a reputed firm in Mumbai itself.

How my uncle found out all about him, I don’t know, but soon enough our dear uncle started getting friendly with my brother, calling him up regularly, inviting him over to family dinners etc. This went on for a couple of months. That was when we grew suspicious about it. A person who had not bothered to know about our well-being for 20+ years had suddenly grown so friendly with my brother. He would drop by at my brother’s place in the evening, go out for walks, aunt would prepare dishes for my brother etc. etc.

Then, one find day, in a very subtle manner, the uncle brought up the topic of marriage etc. That was when my brother got the hunch that the dear uncle had something up his sleeve. As it came out later, my aunt’s neice was of marriageable age and my brother was being prepared to be the probable groom.

The uncle kept on popping up the topic everytime he met my brother till one fine day my brother got clearly fed-up and told him that he wasn’t ready to marry yet nor was he interested in his neice.

That was the end of it.


All of this happened last year. Sitting now, thinking about it, It makes me wonder how covertly people reveal their real intentions.

Has anything similar occured in your life?


~ by anuj on November 18, 2005.

10 Responses to “Success is relative…”

  1. Well said Anuj. Clearly shows how “The Human Factor” is slowly degrading from our species and we have become more animal like in real sense. That is all we are considered with is our own well – being and the feeling of selflessness has almost evaporated in thin air.

  2. This is sooooo true and yea i know it. Nobody cares about you if you are good for nothing..once you get success, ppl come from all around to shower their affection. this thing made me so sick that i have stopped visiting my relatives… My funda is work hard and be successfull…DO NOT care what others say..especially “relatives”;. they always try to pull you down. and yea never marry in your gene pool:P

  3. …..It makes me wonder how covertly people reveal their real intentions.

    thats a very harsh reality of modern times !

  4. suhail, it reminds me of Limp Bizkit’s lines, “… life is a lesson, you learn it when you’re through…”

  5. Wow anuj never thought that something like this also happens in life. Wow man this is sad. But then I also have loads of relative that we dont have contact with or they dont bother to talk to us. Gotta keep this story in mind!!

  6. ditto story with my cousin brother, now such relatives are popping up, evn my nanaji had a hard time remembering them.

  7. Hmm… I thought people said “There is loneliness at the top” ..
    Anyways .. Some people are like that .. And we learn to tolerate with them too ..
    For me , being successful will mean added responsibilities .. You have to be more humble and modest so that people wont start thinking you have changed your airs …
    Btw .. What happened to the niece then ..? 😛

  8. i dunno, never heard about her again since then.

  9. Quite true…
    Its the natural human tendency to see personal gain in every sphere of life….that holds to relationships as well !!

  10. how abt some updates on the blog after the exam you have today 🙂

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