Need or greed?

Is “need” the fair criterion or sufficient criterion to demand/ask for anything and everything?

All throughout our lives, we “need” a lot of things. But very few people follow the criterion of “deserving”.

A person who deserves something will value it more than someone who simply “needs” it. Need is often exploited as right to demand for any mundane object/thing. Need seems to grab priority over all other criteria.

Asking for anything just because one needs it is like begging for alms. When one actually deserves something, There’s a separate sense of being/ ownership/ satisfaction/ accomplishment associated with it.

We live in a bad bad world where one has to fight for everything. Therefore, it seems to me that the one who is always in “need” of something is no more than a leecher/parasite.

Consider the situation: There are two contenders for a job: One person is broke and badly needs the job while the second person is actually competent and deserving of the job. If you were the employer whom would you give the job to? That’s upto you to decide ! …and that forms a part of your character.

What do you say?


~ by anuj on December 3, 2005.

9 Responses to “Need or greed?”

  1. Hmm… If I were the employer, I’d give the job to the deserving one .. This is purely selfish as for my business I would need the best of personnel and I wont risk them going to say my competitor .. The person who is bloke and who badly needs the job must produce some justification for his selection .. This is Darwin’s theory of natural selection .. Survival of fittest … So if you want your need fulfilled, you should be deserving .. Thats it ..

  2. You’ve put me in a bad position,
    But seriously i would give the job to the person more deserving because the man has practically done something to earn the job and henceforth becomes the more deserving person
    on the other hand, the guy who is broke hasn’t really done anything but if i were as pitiful i would definitely grant the job to the person more in NEED of it!

  3. This is a no brainer… the job would go to the deserving candidate, period.(That is if i were the employer).

  4. Well it depends how a employer is, how he thinks, how emotional he is, his age etc.
    Say employer runs his own business then ofcourse he will give the job to the more deserving one as that’s his own money he can’t possibly think of hiring someone who just needs the job, who cares (about the person)!!
    on the other side, if its a Gov. institution (Indian :P) and the employer is more of emotional person than dedicated to his work, there are high chances of the job going to the needy guy as this employer has nothing to loose, who cares !! (about the govt. 😉 )
    Though I’m not saying all the officals are emotional, many are there who we respect for their dedication to work. and moreover these situations can be on either place i.e the employer in the first case must be an emotional one or the employer in the second case might be a khuddar. 😉

  5. Ofcourse the person who is skilled and deserves it. Because it is business!

    But again there is a time when you need to help the needy so all depends on the situation.

    ..:: peace ::..

  6. I may actually give the job to the person who needs it if he really needs is very badly, provided that he is also competent(may be not as good as the other person but competent) and my business wont suffer badly due to that.The person who is deserving would eventually get the job, if not at my company but definitely somewhere else.

  7. it’s all business, and business means no emotions, job will definitely go to the deserving one!

  8. “Need” doesnt justify the first person’s claim to a job. The employer is running his business, is out there to make money for himself. Why would he hire a person who doesn’t deserve the job. He would rather take someone fit to do the required work, and justify his selection. Nobody is out there to do any social service, isnt it?
    Anyone who supports the cause of the needy, values begging more than working, and might prefer leading a leech’s life over an ant’s life!

  9. The job would got to those that are competent. The quality of our social structure and social aid is proportional to the prosperity of our society, giving a job to someone with lesser skills will decrease prosperity and harm both in the long run.

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