Something to delve into… (Part 2)

Who is entitled to expect?

I mean, who is entitled to expect something in lieu of some good deeds/actions? Is it wrong to expect something good in return for your good actions? Why is it so tough to detach yourself? Why is it so tough not to expect even when you deserve it?

Why do people hide behind the garb of lies when simple truths can be clearer than water?

Why do some people use divisionary tactics & create animosities among people when they can win over everyone to be their friend? Why do they want everyone to be their friend but not of one another? What kinds of insecurities reside in their hearts?

Why do some people go through all the formality of being nice to someone even though they might hate him from the core of their hearts?

Why do people assume that their actions are not going to be seen or judged by anyone but god?
What does “guilt” have to do with a theist/atheist individual?

Why do people prefer to listen to a hundred sweet lies rather than listening to one stark truth? Why do some people become so engrossed in the “please-everyone” mentality that it becomes the number one criterion for them?

Why hard-work is the last thing on people’s minds when sitting for exams? Why is the path of short-cuts so lucrative?
Why do people hurt others even though it won’t help them in any way?

Why is truth so sacred for some people that they protect it by a bodyguard of lies? What justification do they seek for their actions?


~ by anuj on February 20, 2006.

5 Responses to “Something to delve into… (Part 2)”

  1. An update in less than a week?
    That’s a record for you.

  2. no, it’s just the beginning.

  3. Anuj you should seriously consider writing for a magazine. Your choice of words is excellent. Mail one or two articles to any magazine… I’m sure your articles will be approved and published.

  4. You said about the policy of expecting good…. the bhagavad gita, one of the best philosophies ever tells us not to expect anything from anybody even if you did the best for him/her!! You say people are selfish…isn’t expecting selfish?
    I’d recommend you to read the bhagavadita so that wenever you are left perplexed by the ways of the world… you can look upon a saviour!

    Insecurities reside in everybody’s heart…don’t they?
    but i think our outlook toward them have changed, we look for momental satisfaction! nobody has the patience these days! do u have it? do i have it? i don’t think so!
    maybe if someone has that much patience…he’d be a saint somewhere in the Himalayas !
    the present way of life has changed everyone’s outlook.
    No one wants the truth….. truth hurts!!
    Short cuts ,instant gratification….that’s what its all about these days, and they aren’t achieved without trampling someone(that’s the mentality).. so the only way to make up is to please him/her for we cannot compromise on our own needs.
    Everyone’s fake … it’s a mask they put to fool you… accept it and live with it.
    Everybody’s selfish in one way or another… aren’t you? Am I not?
    Its an onus for everybody to help you. Everyone needs you to pay back. It’s a give and take relationship.
    You want people to change?? Ask yourself… are you willing to change?? Are you willing to take the long dark road which leads to light or do you prefer a shortcut yourself? What’s your idea of change? What’s your idea of sacrifice? Question yourself and you’ll see….. salvation lies within!!

  5. Guess this is what ppl refer to when they say tht the Adult World is tough! Non-logics under the garb of logic. Becomes a part of life. What one can atleast try to do is to be true to oneself, and not do things under the pretext of societal or peer pressure. And always keep one’s own best interests in mind. And use this as a guiding principle for social relationships.

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