Vaishno Devi

Never begin the trek on full stomach or you’ll puke (trust me, I know).

Limca is better than coke.

The new path beyond Ardhkuvari is better.

Stairs are the tougher (and tiring) alternative to the normal route.
The steps haven’t been counted accurately. On a particular staircase, the 600 steps were actually close to 900.

Harish trekked all along, barefooted.
Atul did the same, but only on the way up… and it hurt.

Harkaran and Atul carried the bag all the way to the shrine and back.

It was inspiring to watch a handicapped girl trek all the way to the shrine. I’m not actually theist, but for a moment; I was.

If you stir up Atul while he’s asleep, you might notice him mumble “yum yum yum yum”.

Harish has enough stamina to keep on walking kilometers at a stretch without a pause.

If you’re traveling on your own car, it’s good to venture beyond Katra onto the Srinagar highway and experience the sheer expanse of the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas. A trip to Patni Top, Natha Top will take your breath away.

Natha Top is the name given to a tiny place atop one of the Himalayan mountains, a scenic place, snow covered peak with the chilly air and Himalayan beauty all around. If you have enough days and greater budget at hand, then camp/stay nearby.


~ by anuj on March 4, 2006.

3 Responses to “Vaishno Devi”

  1. whao! anuj, when did you go to vaishno devi. Looks like you have had some serious fun. Dammit! now i feel like going home..its been such a long time. We use to go to patnitop for beer parties from jammu…those were some days man..*sigh* now its been so many years since i have seen snow. ah well! I hope you liked jammu:D My town! hehehe

  2. We started for Vaishno Devi on Wednesday morning and returned by Saturday evening.

    Ya, it was fun.
    Patni Top is the perfect picturesque place for camping with your friends, while playing in the snow at Natha Top was the best part.

    We travelled through Jammu during night time. I must say, it is a big city. We didn’t actually stay in Jammu so I don’t know much about it. But, there’s always a next time !

  3. Thanks for the advice dude! i don’t know if i’ll be visiting Vaishno Devi anytime now, but i’ll remember what to do and wat not to do

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