Fallen angel

Sometimes, just knowing what’s right and what’s wrong isn’t enough if it does not reflect in our actions. The chinks in the armour might not be visible but they do weaken the armour, nonetheless. I’m out to fix those.

It’ll take time, a lot of time. God help me please.


~ by anuj on May 7, 2006.

7 Responses to “Fallen angel”

  1. Dear Anuj
    your caste must be an uppercaste and your class, middle or uppermiddle hence you have a stereotyped response to what is going on. Be bold enough to face the reality. Understand reservations, do read constituion and debate of the constituent assembly.May God save you .Amen!

  2. Mr. Dilwala,

    I believe your comment is a misplaced one. If you notice carefully, my blog post is about a personal revelation.
    I haven’t discussed anything about the Constitution / reservations.

    If your comment follows what I wrote on Aashwit’s blog, I’ll just like to add: I don’t subscribe to your political views, nor do I ask you to follow mine.

  3. Dear Dilwala,
    I can now safely conclude that world really is filled with idiots. I feel dumber now after having read your comments to this post. Not only are they vague, unclear and unrelated to the post but are also a disgrace to logical thinking and to civilizition , in general, as well. Please do us all a favour and stop leaving comments on any post. Maybe this way the world will belive that sane people still live in India.

    Reservations, Upper caste and that too on this post … Wow! What a fertile imagination.
    I hope you have enough sense not to reply to this comment. Hope you have atleast this much of shame (and dignity at the same time)


  4. So Mr dilwala… i guess mr. A.G has left enough bromide to vex you off your wits. But still the itch persists and seriously you deserve a round of applause… see with such a reply to his post… that’s what i call unconventional thinking!!
    You guys are much much smarter than us…. as it has been proved….then y do you need quotas in the first place??

  5. Well Mr. Dilwala ,
    I pity you ,since you had to savour the wrath of my able friend A.G.

    “Is there a problem officer?” ;-))

    My advice to Mr Dilwala


    Leaving you on these guiding lines ,( do ponder upon the aforesaid if you do still have some self respect left(residual self respect.)LOLz this is Jeet signing off.


  6. Wasnt this post about self realisation and incorporating what we feel is right and wrong in the way we lead our lives and show it through our actions?

  7. Well, yes.

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