Science and Poetry

It doesn't seem like a compatible duo. But it's true, science and poetry are related.

Everything we've read about, in Physics and Chemistry; follows the approach of the objects we can perceive by our senses, facts which can be verified against some given standards.

What if we go down to the atomic composition of everything?
Molecules are composed of atoms and atoms have sub-atomic particles: protons, neutrons, electrons and what not. Remember, how we were taught about electron clouds and composition of nucleus?

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and other studies have shown the limit of human research; that it can't continue beyond a certain level.
Since, further study wasn't possible, various theories and models were proposed to explain the existence of sub-atomic particles.

What is theory? A chronological sequence of the flow of thoughts of some scientist/researcher, a proposed set of reasons to explain the incomprehensible. Still, theory is hypothetical. It is imagination; human imagination.

Talking about the metaphysical, do we need hypothetical theories to understand it?

As we delve deeper… science, in a way, melts down into poetry. That is; if you were to assume that the various models / theories are the poetry of the scientists.

Don't worry folks, this blog post doesn't have anything to do with my eternal love affair with Physics.


~ by anuj on June 16, 2006.

4 Responses to “Science and Poetry”


    Invisible mistresses
    mothers of Earth

    Uncreated grandmothers
    of the universe

    Creators of infinity
    and all that is not

    Soul mates in paradox of
    yourselves and all of us

    I have no other gods but
    the pair of you

    The twinned and intimate form
    of my pagan self

    Incomprehensible to the
    human mind, you are the mind
    of the universe

    Irrational core of

    The reason for all that is

    conjunction of the unthinkable
    with the tangible

    The intangible with the obvious

    The mysterious with the banal

    We know you thoroughly with our
    senses as soon as we can use them

    But the intellect you trip up

    Send it sprawling into mathematics, particle
    physics, sci. fi.

    Together you grind philosophy into
    linguistic boredom. launch it like a dustdevil
    chasing its tail nowhere forever

    The two of you caused Parmenides to deny
    motion, Heraclitus to deny all that does not

    You employ reason to tie the tongue in knots, the
    tongue to stake out reason that she might shrivel
    and die of desert thirst, were she not like you:
    unrelenting, implacable

    Oh space and time, dear fearsome lovers, more
    intimate than our bodies, vital as each beat of the
    heart, nothing is more precious unless it be the
    people we love, because we have evolved as lovers
    able to even love others as ourselves

    Yet without our own personal space and time
    we are vagabond, fearful. homeless, destitute

    To make you our own we invent property, create
    scarcity, distrust, crowd compassion into dark
    mental corners, invent enemies to hate, to punish.

    Oh space and precious time, is there a way to love
    you simply, without fear? Live with trust, make peace
    with the enemy?


  2. good to read ur thoughts.Really nice and provoke me to think about it.

    BTW , nice blog.

  3. Thank you.

  4. once a chemistry pj took place —-
    all electrons were dancing…..suddenly protons attacked!!!
    there at that moment a hero came and saved everyone…..when asked who he was he said…..
    he is BOND

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