Moving on

Okay, I’m in Gurgaon now and I’ve had a first hand experience of the bus rides in and around Delhi, of course with Aseem and Sorabh for company. They are happily off to IGT now. I’m yet to find a place to stay, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem, hopefully.

Commuting from Delhi to Gurgaon can be fun, as we found out, amidst a number of migrant bihari labourers in a jam packed bus. You get to learn a point or two about patience.

There’s another Gurgaon behind all the high rise buildings in here and it is in stark contrast to the one that we’ve all heard about.

I’m looking forward to toiling at Wirkle. Coding should be fun, though I must admit that don’t know anything about Java, as yet. Let’s see…

Update: As it came out later, Aseem and Sorabh had arrived here without any confirmation letter from IGT. Now they are searching for other avenues for six months training.


~ by anuj on July 3, 2006.

3 Responses to “Moving on”

  1. So , u r placed in a software company.
    Congrats.I wish I also get placed soon ,else I will have to commit suicide as almost all my friends are already placed and the pressure on me is immense.

  2. I’m just a trainee, not an employee.

    If you don’t get placed in a software company then doesn’t mean the end of the world; for you or for anyone else. Besides, software isn’t the only field open for computer engineering graduates.

    Why talk about suicide?

  3. Welcome to Gurgaon Anuj 🙂

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