The new spam domain

Orkut has become the new paradise for people who love to forward mails.

These days you won’t find people forwarding emails to each others. Rather they forward messages on orkut to their entire friend list. Thus if you happen to have a well knit friend circle, you’ll end up receiving the same message from different friends multiple times.

For me, forwarded messages on orkut bring their own pros and cons. The cons? Yes, I know we all like to hear the bad news first. Well, I loathe forwarded emails; my feelings are no different for orkut. Secondly, the content of the messages is the same as that of forwarded emails. I’ve received those mails multiple times over the last decade. But, changes don’t happen overnight.

Yes, you’ll want to know what can be the possible pros of those forwarded messages after this rant. Well, the first one is that it’s only a text and hyperlink medium. It doesn’t carry images or animations in emails. So half of the glitter and shine that goes with forwarded emails is absent here; for good. Secondly, people only copy and paste the text of the messages on orkut and don’t copy the entire from/to list. This considerably decreases the risk of your email address falling into the hands of spammers. Thirdly, the person who forwards the message gets to edit the footer and write his name there in order to imply that the message has originated from his mailbox. Lastly, you do get one or two good informative mails every now and then; which makes the whole bulk of forwarded mails tolerable.


~ by anuj on August 1, 2006.

One Response to “The new spam domain”

  1. I am tired of messages like ” Orkut accounts are being deleted…..” stuff . Dont know what they gain from it . Nowadays even viruses are being spread throught the scrapbook .

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