Con men

No, it’s not the title of a new hollywood flick. In fact, there’s a duo of con men (yes our very own Bunty and Babblu) both in their late 30s; thriving in Gurgaon conning many innocent people.

Their modus operandi is simple, they go about on a grey bajaj scooter, bring it parallel to your bike and tell you that they’re carrying customs withheld (read: smuggled) mobile phones (Nokia N70, preferably) and they need to dispose them off as soon as possible. Then they’ll show you the phone and you can play around with it and offer them a price. It’s upto you then; and your bargaining power. They’ll show that they’re eager to dispose off a INR 15k priced mobile phone for as measly as 6 or 7k and you’ll think that it’s too good a deal to resist.

It’s an altogether different matter that what they hand over to you is a phone dummy after you’ve paid them the bargained amount and that’s where their skills lie. They’ll swap the real phone with a dummy with such precision at the last moment that you’ll be left gaping. Sounds ridiculously foolish and dumb? Wait till you meet them and see that dummy phone. It looks that real and they such is their expertise!

I ran into them one fine morning a couple of weeks back while I was on my way to office. They were ready to sell off a brand new Nokia N70 to me for an unbelievable 5k but somehow my sixth sense told me that something was amiss and I managed to resist the temptation of buying a super cheap N-series phone. But it was not so with my friend as he got duped by them into buying it some days later though he proved to be a better bargainer by bargaining the price down to a 1.2k. A 15k mobile phone for 1.2k ! Now that is too fishy!

Yesterday morning I ran into the same duo again as they approached me to sell a digital camera this time. Only I knew what it was that they were after, so I told them ruffly to mind their own business and fool somebody else. Before I could note their scooter’s number, they darted into a bylane and sped off.

I don’t know if someone has approached the local police to inform them about the same or not. It won’t be that easy catching two scooter borne con-men. The way they disappeared out of sight, it has to be the job of two Gurgaon localites.


~ by anuj on December 21, 2006.

5 Responses to “Con men”

  1. Crikey! My mom had a similar incident as well!!! 2 guys on a scooter were tryin to sell a Sony camcorder for damn cheap. Mom said she didn’t want it as it must have been a stolen product, but the guys kept on following her, and then finally gave up when mom didn’t stop. Man such guys should be nabbed.

  2. Yes, these guys need to be nabbed or they’ll continue fleecing the people. It’s good that your mom didn’t buy into their story. It would’ve been a big monetary loss.

    It’s the cheap price for which they offer to sell the phone/camera/camcorder that lures the common man and raises the suspicion of some.

  3. hah! man. this is really insane. Those who fall in the trap, really deserve to fall in the trap.

  4. hey nice post.but u know smthing these con men thrive only on the greed of humans.If we do not show greed we can never be duped.

  5. Wow !!! A post !!! Lol.

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