BSNL – State of Affairs (continued)

Okay, BSNL has restored almost all of the services; but the quality of service is abysmally low. The broadband services were back on their feet after a 5 day hiatus but with dismal speeds. With a regular access speed of around 3 kBps and connection reset after every other hour, one can hardly call this “broadband”. Even good old dialup used to fare better than this (reminds me of batty’s favorite BSNL punch line).

Registering a complaint is useless, even after a zillion complaints nobody does anything. So all one can do is to sit at home and expect the speed to improve or wish there were some other good broadband service provider in Patiala.

In the immortal words of Kurt Cobain , “Am I the only one?”


~ by anuj on July 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “BSNL – State of Affairs (continued)”

  1. Lol .. These days I say MTNL sucks .. I think humans are whining creature by their nature .. 😀

  2. naah, in this case it’s genuine. BSNL actually is hopeless.

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