FIA fines and strips McLaren of Constructors’ championship

Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA has fined team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes US$100 million and excluded them from the Constructors’ championship of 2007. This came as a very pleasant surprise for all. Earlier in July, the FIA had not punished McLaren for lack of proof about the use of Ferrari data. Now that they had it, I’m glad they took the necessary action.

Speculation is also ripe that Fernando Alonso shall be returning to his old team Renault next year.

Overall, Formula 1 fans (apart from McLaren fans) are quite satisfied with the decision of the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

It’s pretty neat, I’d say.


~ by anuj on September 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “FIA fines and strips McLaren of Constructors’ championship”

  1. 100 million is a huge fine to be sure but I think the FIA sent a loud and clear message to all of F1 that will not tolerate cheating.

    You have to give them kudos for that!

  2. yeah it was imperative that FIA come down heavily on the erring team… and they did.

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