Narcissists’ Haven

Orkut and Facebook users spend a lot of time browsing through their personal photos and videos to select the ‘right’ content to share with their ‘online’ buddies. This habit has turned into an obsession for a number of users of these websites.

It is a sign of inordinate fascination with self (i.e. narcissism); and Orkut and Facebook have become the new haven for self-indulgence of narcissists.

With the soaring popularity and ever growing user base of social networking websites, narcissism is only bound to increase.


~ by anuj on September 29, 2008.

One Response to “Narcissists’ Haven”

  1. What triggered this?

    its natural. why do you wear the ‘right’ clothes when you go out?

    you just want to have a nice impression. also, you feel good. i think the same goes with photographs and videos on social network sites. you just feel good and hence upload it.

    PS: please allow people to post comments without submitting mail name etc, its my third attempt 🙂

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