dvd dilemma

More than often, the music/motion picture studios manage to surprise me with their policies for piracy control. Most of the dvds currently being sold are region locked – Asia, Europe, US etc. all have their region codes and a dvd from one region can’t be played in a player/computer drive from some other region.

I can fairly assume that it must somehow help the music/motion picture studios curb piracy. What they forget in this hurry is to port their dvds to various regions. As a result, many of the imported dvds being sold in India are region locked for the US, hence they can’t be played by players manufactured for Asia. This has happened with me many a times in the past with dvds of famous artists such as Metallica, Phil Collins, BA, MJ etc.

I’m sure there are people who share the same story – of buying original “import” dvds from retail stores in India only to find that they are unplayable here while there are others who find it convenient and easier to access the dvd content of the very same artists from the internet paying zilch for the stuff.

It makes me wonder whether the music/motion picture studios are trying to curb piracy or promote it.


~ by anuj on July 13, 2009.

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