Working October 2nd

I was reading Sashi Tharoor’s tweet and he recommended working on October 2nd every year if we truly want to celebrate the life and times of Mr. M.K. Gandhi. I find myself in agreement with this thought.

Among all freedom fighters, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (called Mahatma with due respect) is a name that resounds in the hearts of millions of Indians. He never took a day off during the struggle for India’s independence.

A working October 2nd would be the ideal tribute to the man who moved a nation.


~ by anuj on October 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Working October 2nd”

  1. I agree too.
    Anuj, this blog is great

  2. thanks!

  3. By resounding your thoughts – even 15th August should be a working day because nobody took a day off towards our struggle to attain independence! No? In India and elsewhere (globally) – important days are marked as off days in order to give an individual the opportunity to sit back, rewind from the daily routine, and spend some spare moments (even if its a few seconds that strike us when we say “hey its gandhi jayanti today”) thinking about the people who worked towards making a difference to the way we live our lives today. Cherish their achievements and maybe deliver a spark in us to work towards fully realizing these individuals’ unaccomplished objectives! A day off makes sense – for those who don’t think so – they could maybe spend the day accomplishing somethings which contributes towards a greater serving of mankind for which many of these great personalities worked all their lives.

  4. We can dedicate a separate topic/post to debate on a working day or holiday on August 15th or how it needs to be celebrated.

    As far as October 2nd goes, it sure is a holiday but it is hardly celebrated in remembrance of the person it is dedicated to. As you rightly mentioned, one should indeed spend some spare moments thinking about the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi to our nation, but how many people actually think on similar lines? For people who do; they don’t need a holiday or only a single day to remember the father of the nation.

  5. Very nice blog….

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